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College, Career & Technical Education
Excellence: Empowerment: Everyone: Everyday

251 Cotty Jones Lane
Johnson City, TN 37604
fax 423.461.1695

Mr. Todd Barnett - SHHS Principal

Dr. Julia Decker - CCTE Director

Mrs. Jeannette Cohran - Administrative Secretary

The College, Career & Technical Education offers a wide variety of technical courses for collaboration with academic courses in order to prepare students for future endeavors. Our teachers are dedicated to the preparation of students to further their education at the post-secondary level or to enter the job market ready to meet the challenges of the workplace. Each CTE Program of Studies (POS) sponsors a CTE Student Organization (CTSO).

College, Career & Technical Education - Making the Difference

Programs of Study

Architecture & Engineering Design

Career Cluster: Architecture & Construction

Program of Study: Architectural & Engineering Design

► Architectural & Engineering Design I
► Architectural & Engineering Design II
► Architectural & Engineering Design III

Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair

Career Cluster: Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Program of Study:Automotive Technology

► Maintenance and Light Repair I
► Maintenance and Light Repair II
► Maintenance and Light Repair III
► Maintenance and Light Repair IV


Career Cluster: Human Services

Program of Study: Cosmetology

► Principles of Cosmetology
► Design Principles of Cosmetology
► Design Principles/Chemistry of Cosmetology

Cruminal Justice & Correction Services

Career Cluster: Law, Public Safety, & Corrections Security

Program of Study: Criminal Justice

► Criminal Justice I
► Criminal Justice II  
► Criminal Justice SWDC

Culinary Arts

Career Cluster: Hospitality and Tourism

Program of Study: Food and Beverage Services

► Culinary Arts I
► Culinary Arts II
► Culinary Arts III

Digital Arts & Design

Career Cluster: Arts, A / V Technology & Communications

Program of Study: Digital Arts & Design

► Digital Arts & Design I
► Digital Arts & Design II
► Digital Arts & Design III

Health Science

Career Cluster: Health Science

Program of Study: Nursing Services

► Health Science Education
► Medical Therapeutics
► Anatomy and Physiology
► Nursing Education

Program of Study: Therapeutic Services

► Health Science Education
► Medical Therapeutics or Dental Science
► Nursing Education or Medical Therapeutics
► Clinical Internship or Pharmacological Science

Program of Study: Exercise Physiology

► Health Science Education
► Rehabilitative Careers
► Anatomy and Physiology
► Clinical Internship 

Horticulture Science

Career Cluster: Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

Program of Study: Plant Systems- Landscaping and Turf Science

► Principles of Horticulture Sciences 
► Introduction to Plant Science 
► Landscaping & Turf Science

Hospitality & Tourism

Career Cluster: Hospitality and Tourism

Program of Study: Hospitality & Tourism Management

► Hospitality & Tourism Exploration
► Hospitality Marketing
► Hospitality Management
► Event Planning & Management

Marketing Education

Career Cluster: Marketing

Program of Study:

► Introduction to Business and Marketing
► Marketing and Management I Principles
► Advanced Marketing/Advertising and Public Relations
► Work-Base Learning 

Office Management

Career Cluster: Business Management & Administration

Program of Study: Office Management

► Computer Applications
► Business Communication
► Advanced Computer Applications

Residential & Commercial Construction

Career Cluster: Architecture & Construction

Program of Study: Construction Carpentry

► Fundamentals of Construction
► Residential & Commercial Const. I
► Residential & Commercial Const. II 
► Construction Practicum

Social Health Services

Career Cluster: Human Services

Program of Study: Social Health Services

► Introduction to Human Services
► Lifespan Development
► Family Studies


Career Cluster: Engineering, Technology, and STEM Education

Program of Study: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics)

► Principles of Engineering and Technology –STEM I
► Digital Electronics- STEM II
► Robotics & Automated Systems-STEM III


Career Cluster: Manufacturing

Program of Study: Operations & Maintenance

► Principles of Manufacturing
► Welding I
► Welding II


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